Best Ways To Make Your Photo Strips Rock

Here are some of the best ways to make your photo strips the best that they can be. Discover new ideas and build off our suggestions. The best photo strips are always created when people are creative and are just having fun.

Bride And Groom, Love Birds And Or Any Couple

These poses are for those madly in love, sharing their special day together and or love birds. When you look back on your wedding day years down the road and pull out the photo booth album, you may just want to see some of these poses.

  • Surprise Kiss
  • Smooch Smooch
  • Pick Her Up
  • Pulling His Tie
  • Fishing Pole Reeling
  • Create a Heart
  • Blow Kisses
  • Wink
  • Proposal Reenactment

For The Ladies

These photos are for the girls, whether a group, or just a few, and often they include a bride. Below are some girl only photo booth poses that really make great pictures.

  • Charlies Angels
  • Supermodel Shoot
  • Kiss the Brides Checks
  • Duck Lips

For The Gents

These photo booth poses are for the manly men! Make sure to grab a large group of cowboys or lumberjacks and fill the photo booth with your crazy poses!

  • Show off the Guns
  • Fake Fight
  • Group High Five
  • Too Cool
  • Salute
  • Head Butt

Solo Shots

You don’t have to go in a photo booth with a group, you can take some funny and creative shots all by your lonesome. Check out some of these funny photo booth pose ideas.

  • Same Pose for All Pictures
  • Slow Motion Across Screen
  • Four Corners
  • The Stairs
  • Busy Cell Phone

Mixed Bag

These photo booth pose ideas are for couples, groups and single people. Read through some of these ideas and get out there and rock the box!

  • The Train
  • YMCA
  • Thumbs up
  • Superman
  • Peace Sign
  • Head Bangin
  • Scuba Signals
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