Grand Rapids & West Michigan Photo Booth Rentals

Photo Booth Rentals

We have the booth you and your friends can rock!

Our photo booth rental options have the perfect photo booth for you. We offer an enclosed photo booth and an open air style booth. Our enclosed booth is large enough for your and all your friends! Most other rentals only allow for a maximum of 5 people. Our photo booth rentals can fit up to 12 people, the more the merrier!

Custom Photo Strips

Unlimited prints with personalized logos.

Each of our photo booth rental packages includes unlimited prints and unlimited reprints. Having a large group in the photo booth can produce some amazing memories. Knowing that everyone can walk away with a copy of the photo strip makes the experience even better. Get reprints of your favorite photo strips at any point during the night.

Best Photo Props

Unbeatable props and unique items.

We have both quantity and more importantly quality when it comes to our props. Some of our most popular items include picture frames, sun glasses, hats, wigs, chalkboard signs, ukuleles, masks and stick items (mustaches, lips, glasses...). We are always adding to our collection so feel free to ask if you want something in particular.

Photo Strip Animation

Our booths now create animated files!

Our booth is one of the only photo booth rentals that will create animated files. These files are great for sharing just how much fun Rocking The Box is! Nothing is better than sharing a great animated image on social media, this technology is very new and most other rentals do not offer it or will charge a premium. Our standard rental includes copies of animated files.

Find out why renting a photo booth will make your next event a success here.

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